Wind-Do midscale wind turbines sets new standards in the wind energy industry.

  • We favor a strong decentralization of wind energy production. Small communities, businesses and even farmers can become energy producers for themselves and for the network.
  • The size of large trees, our wind turbines are almost without noise and visual disturbance, which allows them to be installed relatively close to residential areas.
  • The electricity produced is economical without the need for subsidies.

Wind-Do Energy redefines the market for midscale wind turbines

Wind-Do’s wind farms are extremely versatile and scalable, allowing the construction of an electricity site that adapt to all kinds of needs.
The possibility of hybrid green energy centers is almost endless, and they can be built in several configurations.


Wind-Do’s mission is to manufacture midscale networked wind turbines, providing low-cost energy and helping to reduce GHG emissions and atmospheric pollution.