Wind-Do Energy sets new standards in the wind energy industry.

  • Wind energy’s decentralization and democratization
  • Low noise and visual impact on the landscape
  • Electricity at low cost without subsidies

Wind-Do Energy redefines the midscale wind turbines market

Wind-Do Energy represents an opportunity to benefit from new markets for midscale wind turbines.


Wind-Do’s mission is to manufacture midscale networked wind turbines, providing low-cost energy and helping to reduce GHG emissions and atmospheric pollution.


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The Quebec Government supports Wind-Do Energy

The Quebec Government is providing financial assistance to Wind-Do Energy Inc. for the development of its midscale wind turbines network. The 500 000$ project will create a head of the series within Wind-Do’s new facilities in Saint-Léonard, Montréal. Midscale wind turbines can address large markets if they provide competitive edges and efficiency comparable to those …