Wind-Do Energy is proposing several innovations

  • Each windfarm network is optimized according to local wind profiles and our customers’ needs, which leads to more profitable electricity production even in areas with low average winds.
  • Wind-Do’s wind turbines are the size of large trees with low noise and visual annoyance. They are also safer for birds and bats.
  • Each wind turbine unit is equipped with exclusive speed control which helps our windfarm to be more efficient than the competition.
  • Wind-Do’s modular product design leads to low-cost automated wind turbine manufacturing and assembly.
  • Each wind farm is configured with different wind turbine models and in variable quantity to best meet the needs.
  • Wind-Do’s windfarms are optimized according to customers’ needs. Optimization is generally based on maximizing electricity delivery to the grid, but it is also possible to optimize according to other criteria such as uniform electricity production for on-site energy needs, and more.
  • In addition, our wind farms can be designed for overcapacity, so that most of the costs are covered by electricity sales to the grid.
  • Replacing carbon combustion, we help fight climate change and it can sometimes provide new revenues attached to carbon emission reduction.
  • The structural part of our wind turbines is currently made from metal, which is relatively easy to recycle. We plan to compare our carbon footprint with fiberglass wind turbine structures and to minimize it.
  • Our products have low maintenance costs and use standard tools.