Wind-Do Energy wind turbines have a standard power of 20 KW, they are designed to work in a network from 50 KW to a few MW.
The line has four basic models with different turbine sizes. The smaller turbine will be effective for high wind sites while the larger allows for cost effective installation of wind turbines where the wind level is generally insufficient for other products.

Her is some details:

Every site and every installation is different.
The following table allows a preliminary evaluation of the production of a wind turbine with a given annual average wind, but each project requires a specific study.
We note that in some cases, there could be 2 sizes of wind turbines in the same project.


  • Those numbers are not maximum and minimum values of a site but the most common values
  • Electricity production may vary by +/- 15% for the same site.
  • A good location on a site is critical so as to reach maximum production (Wind obstacle, hill or valley…)