Hybrid solutions

Wind-Do wind turbines have various configurations. They fit with different hybrid solutions. We provide a few examples here. Feel free to contact us to receive more information on one of them.
Keep in mind that in most cases, these are ‘oversized’ wind farms that provide more consistent baseload electricity compared to giant wind turbines or solar farms (see the page Titled “Over capacity wind farms”).

Electricity and heat for buildings. Here the production of electricity is shared between immediate use (or sale to the network) and the accumulation of energy in order to heat a building. The same principle applies to allow the the accumulation of cold.

Electricity and heat for greenhouses. Greenhouses need heat and light, both of which can be provided by wind turbines. It is also possible to light the greenhouses at night, and to sell electricity to the grid in the daytime.

Electricity and heat for northern communities. This is to replace the production of diesel electricity and heating with oil or biomass. Note that this type of heating often causes serious lung disease.

Clean and decentralized hydrogen production. There are dozens of models associating our wind turbines with the production of hydrogen, depending on the objectives of our client.

Denitrification of municipal sewage ponds, aquaculture, acceleration of soil hydrocarbon decontamination and water desalination and filtration. All of these systems can use excess and variable electricity, so they are perfect secondary uses for wind farms with overcapacity.

Hybrid energy with solar panels.

Hybrid energy with Stirling engines. This system of storing electricity via heat has a rather low efficiency, unless the heat produced can be used. This is an attractive opportunity for northern off-grid villages.

Hybrid energy with biogas or natural gas. This type of system makes it possible to guarantee the delivery of electricity according to demand. The higher the percentage of electricity from wind turbines, the lower the GHG emission rate.

Sometimes a hybrid system can include several elements thus creating an overall synergy: